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Bonjour à tous, hello everyone!

je ne trouve pas la traduction du mot "pantacourt", quelqu'un peut-il m'aider?

I'm looking for translating french word "pantacourt" into english...

Merci d'avance

  • Missrapunzel

    Senior Member
    French (France)
    Pantacourt being a shorter version of pantalon, which covers 3/4 of the leg length, I would dare "short trousers" ? But natives will advise on the suitability of this attempt. :)

    Kelly B

    Senior Member
    USA English
    I'd call those capri pants; the usage might be different in British English, I don't know.


    New Member
    Arabic and French -- Lebanon
    Some people call them "Pedal pushers."

    I just ran into a friend and she was telling me that she bought "pedal pushers" and when I asked her what they were, she showed me her "Pantacourt" :)

    I looked it up online and it seems that they have different names depending on their length (Capri pants, pedal pushers, cropped pants, clam diggers...).

    There is an article on ehow but I can't post a link here.

    Hope that helps
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