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  1. padredeocho Banned

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    I have heard "amario de la cocina" for a kitchen cupboard. And I have heard "despensa" for a pantry. Sometimes it seems like a hear them interchangeably.

    What is correct?
  2. babep Senior Member

    Catalan/Castillian/English (Mallorca, Spain/ex-10 years USA)
    In my book

    armario de cocina = kitchen cupboard
    despensa = pantry

    To me the difference resides in the fact that an "armario de cocina" is a piece of furniture hanging from the wall or on the floor of the kitchen, while the "despensa" is a little room with shelves opening into the kitchen, usually with a door or a curtain.
  3. Red Blood

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    En Argentina es de uso común la palabra alacena para pantry.

  4. albertovidal

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