Pantry vs storeroom in a block of flats


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Hi guys!

My friend lives in a block of flats. There are a few flats on each floor. Next to his flat, there is a separate room which only he has access to. He keeps there some food and stuff like bikes or tools. You can find a similar room in somebody's house, which as far as I know is called "pantry'. Could I use the same word to mean the room I described? Or would "storeroom" be better since there's not only food he keeps there?

Thanks in advance.
  • lingobingo

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    A pantry, or larder, was a cupboard in which food used to be kept before the days of refrigerators.

    What you are describing is a storeroom.

    Keith Bradford

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    A pantry (originally French paneterie = bread-room) is only for food, except for the 3% of cases when it's a butler's pantry, which is a small store-room in a very grand house.


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    Depending on how big it is, we might also call that a storage closet in the U.S.

    (It's hard finding that term online but I know I've heard it used throughout my life. A storage closet would be used for things that don't need to be accessed frequently.)


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    In AU. a pantry is a little room or cupboard essential in every kitchen, just for food. We all have one and that's what we call that place. A storage room contains everything we don't need but think we will.
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