Papel de buena conducta

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by nraddcosmicwaverider, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. nraddcosmicwaverider

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    Hola de nuevo,
    Another legal term that refers to the paper that proves this individual has no criminal history, Papel de buena conducta. Any ideas? 'Proof of good conduct' is the best I can come up w/ at 5 am after translating 8 documents. maybe it will dawn on me soon.... o wait the dawn is almost here!
  2. Dani California

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    Spain, Spanish
    Certificate of good behaviour
  3. nraddcosmicwaverider

    nraddcosmicwaverider Senior Member

    I ended up using 'letter of good conduct' although I like the idea of 'certificate as well. I was going to use 'good behavior' but it sounds like something for school children and this is a formal legal document from the courts saying this person hasn't done anything 'bad' in their district.
    Thanks daniCalifornia, I am going to use the word certificate instead.
    Thank you

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