Papel laminado versus papel plastificado

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    How do you say "papel laminado" and "papel plastificado" in English? Can they mean the same thing? Does the meaning vary from country to country? Thanks in advance.
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    My long reply of a couple of minutes ago somehow managed to get lost, so I will attempt to reproduce it.

    Literally, it would be "laminated" and "plasticized". However, as a mere user with no specialized knowledge, I have my doubts.

    At least around here, I would say that "plastificar" and "(termo)laminar" are two different processes that are applied to paper based products for protection and/or aesthetic purposes. In the first, the original is inserted in a thin plastic "envelope" that is then sealed only in the borders, so that the original can later be removed intact by simply tearing the plastic. In the second, a thicker plastic is used, and this is thermally attached to the paper, so that it is afterwards (nearly) impossible to recover the original. This is one of the several ways of securing and protecting documents such as identity cards and driving licenses.

    Hope this helps and does not add to your confussion...

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