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    How does one say "paper" in Chinese, as in "I'm writing a paper for my history class"? "Paper" as in an academic paper, something you write to discuss an issue in depth, something you write for a college course. E.g. Research paper.

    作文 strikes me as a bit strange, since to me it seems like we're writing for writing practice (but please correct me if this impression is wrong!)
  2. ElGarcia Senior Member

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    You're right about 作文. We only write them in language classes.
  3. teenchen New Member

    Most of time the paper can be seen as 论文, just like an essay. But you can use it as 作文.
  4. SuperXW

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    You are right.
    作 in 作文: create, compose
    作文: "composition". More primary, usually for practice.
    论 in 论文: comment, discuss
    论文: "essay". More academic and serious.

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