1. dx-chan

    dx-chan Member

    Indonesia, Chinese

    Una amiga mia (de españa) me llamó "eres mi papi chulo". Del diccionario aquí, "chulo" tiene varios significados, unas suenan bien, unas suenan mal.

    Por favor alguien me aclara que significa en verdad.

  2. bluemptysoul

    bluemptysoul Senior Member

    spanish xP
    well... it would be like "hot daddy"
  3. dx-chan

    dx-chan Member

    Indonesia, Chinese
    Gracias por la aclaración, bluemptysoul. Pues en ente caso, ¿es una frase se suele utilizar sólo para los hombres o también la puedo utilizar para las mujeres - "mami chula" ?
  4. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    If she likes you she's saying you're really a cool guy or like bluemptysoul suggested "hot daddy", or she could be hinting that you are a bit of a showoff, or if she was angry with you she might have been calling you a pimp (but this doesn't fit). So I suspect that she was using it in the nicest way...congratulations "big daddy"!:D
  5. dx-chan

    dx-chan Member

    Indonesia, Chinese
    Ahhh... much obliged, bluemptysoul and scotu. I owe to both of you for that.

    Thanks again.
  6. Solbrillante Senior Member

    When I told mi profesora de español (de Costa Rica) that I called mi perrito "puppy chulo" she seemed a little put off. I was embarrassed by her reaction, as I thought it was a cute play on words. Do you think this is offensive?
  7. MarkLondres Senior Member

    Bogotá Colombia
    Ha ha that's funny and cute. But I have just dug this thread up after a year and think it has more mileage in it. I was searching for papi chulo in the dictionary.

    So for extra clarification, I hear the term used quite frequently in Colombia and (this might explain the above) I think it has a duplicitous sexual connotation.

    Would it be reasonable to assume that in Latin America, it can be used for your local boyfriend that for want of a better word "services" a lady's need in between visits from a gringo novio

    "No podía despedirme de mi novio estadounidense, le dije que tenia que ayudarle a mi madre, pero en realidad estaba con mi papi chulo"
  8. thefunkiestmunky New Member

    British English
    Whilst I'd agree that the term papi chulo can refer to your local boyfriend as opposed to your gringo novio, I'm not sure it has such negative connotations. The passage quoted suggests the lady wants to be with her 'papi chulo' rather than her American boyfriend, who she probably can't let go off as he's providing her with money.
  9. Jacqui Member

    Washington, D.C.
    Dominican Republic - Spanish
    In the Dominican Republic "papi chulo" has a negative connotation and has many meanings. I can be a man that all the women fall in love with (or at least he thinks so :) and it can also be some sort of a pimp. I find it is not a very elegant term but I have to admit that it depends on how it is said and who says it.
    Hope this helps,

  10. Carriqui

    Carriqui Senior Member

    Sugar Hill, Harlem
    English, U.S.
    At least here in New York 'papi chulo' does not refer to a pimp but to a mujeriego or a guy who thinks he's hot stuff, as in 'se cree un papi chulo', or 'no te metas con el, es un papi chulo'.

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