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  1. Chtipays Senior Member

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    I bought two bags of paprika in Budapest, one of them has written:

    Édesnemes Füszerpaprika-örlemény

    and the other:

    Paprika-örlemény Csemege

    Can anybody please help me to translate that?

  2. Orreaga

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    fűszer - spice
    édesnemes - a sweet variety of paprika
    őrlemény - powder
    csemege - delicacy

    so, briefly:

    Sweet paprika powder

    Paprika powder delicacy
  3. zoltan82 New Member

    fűszer = spice
    nemes = sublimated
    Édes = sweet
    örlemény = something like ground
    Csemege = not the hot pepper the confection one
  4. Zsanna

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    Translation here means a little bit more than just finding equivalents as the terms involve special categories in the production of red paprika powder.

    Roughly, there are 4 categories according to different criteria (the most important being the colour content): különleges (special), csemege ("anything nice to eat" or delicacy), édes-nemes (sweet-noble), rózsa (rose), going from the "richest" coloured (+ flavoured) to the paler powders.
    The actual names do not really correspond to the "real" meaning as you can see and there is not much difference between them in terms of what you can use them in.
    In one of the sites I saw they suggest édes-nemes specially for preparing pörkölt.

    But I challange any of my honfitárs (fellow patriot - another rough translation) to be able to tell the difference between one that was made with édes-nemes from another that was made with csemege...

    (Within the above categories there are further differences according to how hot the actual powder is, indicated by words like: félédes (half sweet = not really hot), csípős (hot) etc.)
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  5. Chtipays Senior Member

    Mexico, Spanish
    That was an excellent explanation, thanks a lot Zsanna
    I wish I knew this before, I would have love to try some of the csípős one.
    Merci et Köszönöm szépen!
  6. RusskiPower

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    Just stumbled upon this post looking for info about Hungarian paprika, thanks for your excellent input Zsanna!
  7. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

    Hungarian - Hungary
    I'm going to be conceited if it goes on likes this! :)
    I'm glad I could help.
  8. opthamom

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    Wow, this has been a most helpful forum. I had a bag of Hungarian Paprika that had been in my frig too long from family that came from Hungary. Also wondered what the words on the back of the bag could mean...
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