1. CLM9999 Senior Member

    English USA
    I was watching a Mexican show last night and a guy, that the show portrayed as gay, called another guy "papucho" and then the guy ran off. Does that word have meaning??
  2. imahappymama New Member

    It could mean "Hey baby!" or "Hottie."
  3. Búkarus

    Búkarus Senior Member

    Colombia, castellano
    Yep, that's it.
    "Papucho" belongs to the same family than "papito, papaíto, papacito, papazote, papi, pa, papachongo, etc." all of them from "papá" and, like "papá", they use to have the sense of a familiar/loving/flirting form of adress refering to a dad, a boyfriend or a man that girls like a lot.
  4. CLM9999 Senior Member

    English USA
    Papachongo, eh? :)

    I should have thought of that! Thanks...
  5. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    Excellent description, Búkarus.

  6. danimami Senior Member

    Orlando, Florida
    USA, Spanish
    What happens when you're not calling someone "Papucho" (directly to them), but you're talking about another person's papucho... Like when there are two girls talking, and one tells the other, "Look, here comes your "papucho"? (the guy she has a crush on). What would I say in that case? There comes your "hottie"? There comes your darling? Or just, there comes your guy?

    Thank you, "papuchos" and "mamacitas..."

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