1. tehseamonster New Member

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    I have a question on the use of "paquetazo" in this instance. I looked on another forum thread that lead me to believe that it had to do with election fraud, but that can't be the case!

    Here's a copy of the context of its use on Time Warner's site.

    El Paquetazo & Phone $49.95

    • Includes El Paquetazo plus a digital cable box and Digital Home Phone with Unlimited Nationwide (calling in U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico).
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  2. Anemoah

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    Paquetazo= paquete grande, in this case meaning "big special offer pack" or something like that.
  3. tehseamonster New Member

    United States
    Thanks so much. That's what I was thinking but I just thought it was too simple.

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  4. takoateli Member

    I'm seeing an article in the press where a politician is saying "no hay paquetazo" in reference to an upcoming election. Is another definition election fraud?


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