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French (lower Normandy)
paquete nmcoloquial (bulto de genitales masculinos) (colloquial)package, unit n
bulge n
(UK, slang)lunchbox n
¡Deja ya de mirarme el paquete!
Stop looking at my package!

What's the register of "unit"; I couldn't find this in enbase or other dictionaries?
  • Oops, yes, sorry (maybe I was more thinking about 'rare' or something along the lines :D). Have it added to enbase?
    I don't see "unit" in the enbase with that meaning. So maybe you're right that the usage is rare.
    Add junk.

    paquetenmcoloquial (bulto de genitales masculinos) (colloquial)package, unit n
    bulge n
    (UK, slang)lunchbox n
    Thanks, but...

    I'm sorry to insist, but how common is 'unit'?
    Would people understand it if you said 'There's something wrong with my unit.' Would they even understand you're referring to a body part?
    Not sure it would be much clearer if you said 'My unit hurts'.
    And if it's neutral (the register has now disappeared), then, you could talk about your 'unit' or your 'bulge' (which is not in enbase either (nor here nor there)) to your doctor, right?
    I don't know how common "unit" is. Another editor added it (I don't think it was me) so I just assume it has some validity. I moved it down and combined it with "bulge" because there was no more space left in the Dterms to separate it out. Bulge didn't have a sense and I neglected to add it. But I see what you're saying about the senses, so I'll add a colloquial sense for that line.
    It turns out that you added 'unit' back in 2018 ;)
    Anyway. It's not because something is in our dictionaries that it's right, and that's exactly why this error report forum exists ;)