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    More stuff about pricing internet and mobile services. The company offers
    Intégration à l’environnement informatique (intégration Internet) par site pour 5 PC for x euro

    In English, "Integration into computing environment (Internet integration) by site for 5 PCs (computers) for x euro"

    Extension d’intégration à l’environnement informatique (intégration Internet) par palier de 5 PC supplémentaires

    In English: Further integration into computing environment (Internet integration) in increments of 5 PCs or per group of 5 PCs

    In other words, they charge x Euro to integrate 5 computers into the system, and then y Euro per each additional group of 5 computers they integrate. Or am I way off?


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  2. jetset

    jetset Senior Member

    yes, we talk about "licence multi-postes" (vs licence mono-poste). Here it's a fixed price for a 5 PC set.
  3. Gargamelle Senior Member

    Thanks, jetset. I ought to give you a percentage of my earnings! ;)

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