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La recension ne résulte pas d’une simple correction d’après la grammaire. Elle comporte la suppression de plusieurs variantes de structure du texte par retour au texte pur
This is from a commentary on the correction of a medieval manuscript.

Translating "par retour" "by return" doesn't seem to fit here. Is it
"to return to the pure text"?
"by reference to the pure text"
"in order to return to the pure text"

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    Somehow I got unsubscribed to this and didn't find it until now. Swiss Pete, it is definitely par retour .

    To provide more background-the scribe made a copy of one manuscript and when he later came across a more authentic version, discovered he had copied text that wasn't in the original, so went back to remove it. How would "par retour" be translated in this context?

    to restore the pure text? or did he omit text "based on the pure text" ?
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