Par rideaux coniques et successifs

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  1. littleshebear Senior Member

    Hi folks,

    Bit of description here. The scene is a forest in the afternoon. The line is

    'Par rideaux coniques et successifs, elle s'abattait sur les chaps de fougères, les herbes folles.'

    Elle refers to the light coming through the trees in the wood. I'm just having a bit of trouble making this sound like a nice scene in English. My latest attempt is far from satisfactory:

    'It poured down through a series of conical drapes [...].'
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  2. lilison Senior Member

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    Conical drapes is a bit awkward for me. Drapes should be made of flowing fabric rather than a series of cones. I was thinking of "pillars of light", but I'm not sure.
  3. littleshebear Senior Member

    Thanks Lilison,

    yeah, I know it's awkward. I just think 'coniques' is unusual in the French too so was trying to retain it if possible, but it might just be too strange.

  4. Perco Senior Member

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    I wonder about something like 'widening swathes' ... as the 'conical' presumably means it spreads out as it descends...
  5. Itisi

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    rows of cone-shaped sheets of light beat down on...
  6. littleshebear Senior Member

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions guys. Still haven't managed to create a beautiful sentence, but sometimes translating involves a bit of settling unfortunately!

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