Para determinar que se trata

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  1. spinach New Member

    California, USA
    Can anyone help me translate the following sentence to English, particularly the bold portion: "La familia no continúa con la investigación por el temor a ser discriminados por el estigma que tienen las autoridades para determinar que se trata de crímenes pasionales, cuando en realidad son de odio por la forma en que fueron asesinados."

    Mil gracias!
  2. grindios Senior Member

    The rules of the forum state you should try first, and then we can help.
  3. spinach New Member

    California, USA
    Okay, thanks. Here is my go at it:

    "The family does not continue with the investigation out of fear of being discriminated against due to the stigma authorities have when determining whether it is a crime of passion, when in reality they are hate crimes given the way in which they were killed."

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