para eso es para lo que están los gobiernos

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  1. Jo5e New Member

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    Hi everyone!

    Looking for the right way to say this in English. I give some context:

    [I believe in worldwide health access rights, no matter the money it costs: ] that's what the taxes and the governments are for.

    I don't know if this is okay, not sure if I should type what or why.

    What I am trying to state is that the target of the governments and the taxes is the establishment of civil rights as the health one.

    In Spanish:
    Creo en el derecho internacional de acceso a la sanidad sin importar el coste: para eso es para lo que están los impuestos y los gobiernos.

    Thank you!!!
    Please, mark any mistake I commited in English.
  2. kayokid

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    Hello. I think your sentence works. Personally, I would make the following minor changes:

    I believe in worldwide health access rights, no matter what the cost -- that's what taxes and governments are for.

    Wait for other opinions/options.
  3. idavie Senior Member

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    I think your sentence works, and you should definitely use "what" and not "why", but personally I would say:

    "I believe in worldwide access to healthcare." (We tend to use healthcare rather than health if we mean access to hospitals, doctors, treatment etc, which I think is what you mean.)
    And I agree with kayokid's suggestion of "no matter what the cost".

    Then, if you are talking about one specific country, I would say "that's what the taxes and the government are for".
    If you mean all governments and countries, then I would omit the articles, as kayokid suggested.

    But these are really minor changes - your sentence works very well.
  4. mafalda123

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    I think "no matter the cost" or "regardless of the cost" or "irrespective of the cost" could also work as alternatives to "no matter what the cost".

    Hope this helps :)

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