Para gente então fazer

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by ryandward, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. ryandward

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    In a song by Michel Teló he uses the sentence:

    O clima tá esquentando
    Só vai dar eu e você
    Pra gente então fazer

    Honestly I can't tell at all what this means in conversational Portuguese, it just looks like a total mix up of words to me. I would greatly appreciate any help to decipher the grammar here.
  2. anaczz

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    Pra gente então fazer = Para a gente então fazer = Para, então, nós fazermos
  3. artefacto_ Member

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    "Só vai dar eu e você" is, I think, an idiomatic Brazilian expression and I'm not sure what it means. If I had to guess, something like "all the focus will be in you and me".

    The first verse should be clear (the weather/mood is getting hot, think lustful overtones). The third one is purposefully incomplete. Literally: "For us to then do..." From the context, sex is implied.

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