1. BirdIsTheWord Member

    English - Ireland
    I have to translate the following :

    Se levantó su madre para ir al arrabal como todos los martes y le dijo:
    Paca me voy, ¿has oído? Levántate para cuando vengan los de la mudanza.

    I have:

    Her mother got up to go to the poor area(??) like she did every Tuesday and said to her: Paca I'm going. Did you hear me? Be up when the movers get here/arrive.

    How can I improve this? And what is meant by arrabal and los de la mudanza?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. juandiego

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    Granada. España
    Spanish from Spain
    Hello, BirdIsTheWord.

    Arrabal, in general, just means suburb. Not necessarily poor but quite probably they are not the best zones of the city. I think originally it meant out of the city walls. Another option is that it's capitalized and be referring to the proper noun of a city area.

    Los de la mudanza is referring to the people/company who is going to do the process of moving to another house.

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