parachute à traction

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  1. montreal_anglo Senior Member

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    Has anyone ever heard of a "parachute à traction"?

    The context is cross-country skiing in Iceland. The passage in question is:

    Excursion de degré assez exigeant. Efforts pour tirer la Pulka. Parachutes à traction pour aider les passages difficiles.

    I suspect what they mean is "kite skiing," which is when you are pulled by a kite. But if anyone knows for sure, or has any other suggestions, they will be gratefully received!
  2. yourfairlady05 Senior Member

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    I thought I had heard of "traction parachutes" before, but I don't know about in the context of skiing, I googled the word and there were a bunch of returns with "traction kites" Unfortunately, I don't know anything about skiing so that is the extent of my knowledge.
  3. montreal_anglo Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Thanks, yourfairlady05!

    I know precious little about skiing myself (with or without kites!), but it would appear that a "traction kite" is the name for the device used in kite skiing. For the translation, either term would have been fine for "parachutes à traction."

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