paragraphing is not effective

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    You haven't given us any context, but I would guess not really. Why not simply say 'Your ideas are not well organised'?
    when giving comments about students' essays, and if you notice the ideas in their essay are not well organized, can i just simply say ' paragraphing is not effective? or if it is not clear enough, can I say ' idea organization into paragraphs is not effective?


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    "Not effective" is so vague that it's meaningless. Why not say, as heypresto already suggested, exactly what you wrote when you explained to us what you meant by this? In general, unless an explanation is much longer than what a person wants to say, the explanation is clearer than the sentence that the person wants to use instead of it.


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    There is a difference between knowing where to end one paragraph and start another and knowing how to organize one's​
    ideas such that they prove a point or state an argument.​
    For instance, one can write one sentence per paragraph, as I am doing here.​
    That's ineffective paragraphing.​

    If the problem is that the student's argument is poorly organized and you want them to follow some method (such as the five-paragraph essay) of stating an argument, then "your ideas are not organized clearly in paragraphs" explains the nature of the problem (if I understand the problem correctly).