paralización de obra

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  1. whiterose2 New Member

    I need help with a construction work/service contract (contrato de obras/servicios).
    The sentence is Acta de paralización de la Obra/Servicio.

    They talk about different parts of the constriction agreement sauch as: Acta de terminacion de obra= finalization statement or Acta de incio= Inicial statement.

    Paralizacion = standstill or halt. I don't think the term "demurrage statement" is correct when talking about construction.

    I don't like stop or stoppage as someone suggested. to me ·standstill statement" doesn't make sense or does it?.

    suggestions appreciated.
  2. Kraken

    Kraken Senior Member

    Valladolid (España)
    Castellano (Español)
    I for one would not translate Acta de incio as Inicial statement, but as Act/statement of commencement.

    About the "paralización": "Paralización de obra" implies that a local authority actually puts your service on ice until you fix an important problem that is detected and is serious enough as to put the construction to a halt.

    I hope it helps.
  3. whiterose2 New Member

    Thanks, I like commencement it seems to show more the act of starting something.
    In this case we are talking about construction in Africa and construction stops many times due to many reasons like not enough material to continue,payement issues, un-reliable workers.
    The contract talks about an agreement/statement when one of the parties thinks it is appropriate or necessary to stop the work.
    Stopping agreement sounds awful.

    I really appreciate the help
  4. whiterose2 New Member

    Kraken, thanks again for the help I understand perfectly the Spanish meaning of paralizazion but don't know it in English. (even though I'm American)
  5. Kraken

    Kraken Senior Member

    Valladolid (España)
    Castellano (Español)
    Well, I only tried to help you getting it clear, in case it would ring any bell.
    About the English word for it, I can't think of anything.
  6. yovis New Member

    "I need help with a construction work/service contract (contrato de obras/servicios). "

    If it is due to employees, you may use STRIKE
    but if it's due to government, or Client, I think you can use "WORK SUSPENSION or SUSPENSION OF WORK

    Hope, I helped.
  7. lagena Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine Spanish
    (paralización de una actividad) - for example: pidieron la paralizaciòn de las obras = they applied for the work to be stopped

    Wait for other options

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