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  1. Tizona

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    What is exactly a "parasisal hat"?

    By the time you've finished the course, you should have completed a parasisal and a cocktail hat.

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    A fine, high quality natural straw made from sisal, bleached or dyed to colour, comes in grades from one through to five. Normally reserved for expensive hats. Delicate in texture but resilient in wear, takes dye well. Parasisal is made using two over two weave.
  3. Tizona

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    For a native speaker, is this a very specific word of the millinery world or can you distinguish between a parasisal and any other kind of hat?

  4. Hermione Golightly

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    You haven't given any real context, just one that we have to deduce - hat making apparently. I looked up 'parasisal' and found the following on

    Not exactly an everyday term!

    Sisal is a material. A 'sisal' hat is the same as a 'parasisal' but a one over one weave is used, it's less popular and a little coarser. You will find further information by googling 'parasisal'.

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    "Parasisal" is definitely not an ordinary word for most native speakers. I'd think that somebody would have to be familiar with technical terms for different fabrics to use this word in a conversation.
  6. Tizona

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    Umm... I thought it was pretty clear I'm looking at millinery courses:

    Not that I can see the difference between a "wild sinamay" and a "scrumptious velvet" anyway...

  7. Mrs Coddlesangers New Member

    Sisal is a type of fibre that has a variety of uses:
    - rugs (not very comfortable to walk on!),
    - a type of string in various thicknesses used in agriculture
    In this context it is quite a coarse material. As far as i remember it is hemp.

    I have never heard of parasisal, so I think it probably is quite specific to at least hat making, according to herminone golightly!
    Mrs C
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