Pardon my reaching

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Hi, does "pardon my reaching" mean that the manager is asking Ramsay if he could reach across to the other side to set down the order?


Restaurant Manager: Pardon my reaching.

Gordon Ramsay: Okay.

Restaurant Manager: This is the cavatappi and chicken.

Gordon Ramsay: Bland, chicken's dry. Way too much Rosemary and just... It's [bleep].

Source: Hotel Hell Season 1 Episode 4

Background: After finding out that the luxury hotel featured in this episode doesn't even have proper equipment for laundry, Gordon Ramsay heads down to the hotel restaurant and hopes the food is good enough to redeem the hell hole. He is seated by the restaurant manager and deliberately orders a few dishes, which, from the sound of it, are unappetizing to him. After a while, some of his dishes arrive, and he spits out every bite he takes.
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