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I know that there are other threads that deal with pardon, sorry and excuse me. I've checked them out but couldn't find an answer.

My question is whether pardon is appropriate to say in the following sentence, which is part of a business telephone conversation.

Pardon, who is speaking?

There might be a difference in British and American English.
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    I appreciate Thomas's comment.

    However, as I've stated in my original post, I've done all the research already and still couldn't find an answer to my particular issue.

    I went through the threads again and I'm still unsure.

    This is important for me to know as I am a non-native English teacher and I also teach business English. My question concerns (as stated in the original post) a business related situation.


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    It depends on the context, Tigerduck. If the person told you their name and you didn't hear it, you could use "pardon" in this context, meaning "Pardon me, but I didn't catch your name". If, however, they haven't told you their name, you would use "Excuse me".
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