parecerse mucho a alguien

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  1. Coral1

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    Burgos (Spain)
    He sabido quién eras porque te pareces mucho a tu padre

    we coul traslate this sentence to English saying

    I’ve known whom you were because you look very much like your father?

    If I an wrong, give me an alternative, please
  2. SeekingJesus

    SeekingJesus Senior Member

    Estado de México
    Español mexicano
    I'd say: "I've known who- you are because you look so much like your father"
  3. Memories Member


    This is fine.
  4. Coral1

    Coral1 Member

    Burgos (Spain)
    thanks for your correction
  5. JennyTW Senior Member

    Córdoba, Spain
    English - UK
    We really need context here, but I would say it sounds more natural as "I realised who you were because you look like your father". "He sabido" has an element of action that "I've known" just doesn't have, and in English it would be more natural to use the past simple if this is a past event.

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