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Hello forum.

I'm translating The Ring of Fire and I have this sentence:

—although in Bayda’s case they still lived in her parent-in-law’s house—he had no need to worry about them.

Shouldn't it be
  1. parents-in-law's
  2. parent-in-laws'
  3. in the house of her parents-in-law.
Or is the sentence correct in BrEn?
  • Franco-filly

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    Perhaps one "in-law" is deceased or does not own/live in the house:rolleyes:. Otherwise, if there are two "in-laws," it should be 1. [or 3. which is less idiomatic.]

    The Newt

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    How many parents own the house? If it's two, I would say "her in-laws' house." We would rarely feel the need to include "parents."


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    I think it should probably be version (1): parents-in-law's, unless there was only one of them living there and it wasn't specified whether it was the mother or father.

    Alternatively you could do it as just the in-laws', as in this previous thread - in-law's / in-laws' house ?



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    That was my first choice too. Yes, both parents. I did think of in-laws but I'm not flagging style, just typos, so I wanted to be sure.
    Thank you all, so quick :)
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