Parents' Reunion


- When a teacher wants to gather all the parents to announce something about their children (such as : study results, so on), what do you call that gathering? is it called a "parents' reunion"? :)

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    It most-likely would be called "a parent-teacher conference".
    But there are many ways to express the concept throughout the world.
    I'm sure we'll hear a few more.


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    A parent-teacher conference is a one-on-one process. The teacher meets with each parent (or set of parents) individually.

    For a group meeting like this I would recommend "parents meeting".

    In American English, "reunion" is usually reserved for a gathering of some kind on the anniversary of some event - graduation, for example.


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    Sometimes the phrase "open house" is used when the parents of many students come to the school to see what the children have been doing. These open houses usually occur on a school night, and the parents can walk through the classrooms. These are more for younger grades.


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    It's usually called an Open House. Parent-teacher conferences can occur at an open house but they usually imply one-on-one type meetings as opposed to all the parents gathering to see the children's work.


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    If the school arranged a meeting of all parents for some purpose, as explained in post #1, that would be a parents meeting here.

    An open house, or open day, or open evening would not fit that purpose. Such events involve parents wandering in and out over a long period, but not necessarily all in the same place at the same time.
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