1. Hey, I would like to know what this frase means. It is the name of a song by El tìo Carlos...

    ´Pares y nones´

    It means 'evens and nothings' in English, right? But is there a deeper meaning?
  2. Alf-Med Senior Member

    "Pares y nones" means "Odd and even".

    No deeper meaning, but try to give us some context, just in case in some type of metaphor.
  3. It´s the name of the song and I can´t find the lyrics on the internet so I can´t give a context I´m afraid.
  4. brucehopson2000 New Member

    I bet you´re thinking about Estrella Morente en lo alto del cerro
  5. I have just listened to En lo alto del cerro. What does it means Unos dicen que nones y otros dicen que pares?? Thanks

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