parfois à la limite du Chromo


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Cette omniprésense élégiaque du paysage américain – parfois à la limite du Chromo – va dans le sens de la peinture…
Does this mean at the limits of what film can do?

This is about the way a director is filming a landscape. Or does it mean something to do with black and white film?

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    Hey syrita.
    A word I encountered in Rousseau for the first time (or was it Balzac?).
    Short for chromolithographie.
    It used to meant bad taste (yet I don't know if it was for the quality or for the cheesyness of the scenes depicted),
    but here it's used in the literal sense, as the cinematographic language is more about dynamic and frame, while painting is more about colours and shapes and forms (because the two media cannot alter reality in the same way).
    Hmmm... Hope it's clear...


    A chromo was a bad reproduction of a painting and by extension a bad painting. So, it's got nothing to do with black and white films. I don't think either that the meaning would be "at the limits of what film can do". To me,it sounds more like the cineast has filmed the American landscape in a manner verging on bad taste or even kitsch (???)
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