Parietoacanthial Projection for Facial Bones

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Knives27, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Hello everybody.
    I have some difficulties to find a translation for this term: "Parietoacanthial". It refers to a projection for facial bones called "Waters Method".
    Actually the name comes from a radiographic landmark: "Acanthion"
    I don't know how to translate it; I think "Parietoacantale" doesn't fit very well.

    Thanks a lot for your help!!!
  2. johngiovanni

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  3. Plu78 Senior Member

    Io ho trovato "Proiezione Occipito Mento di Waters".... ma non sono del campo, quindi non so se si tratta proprio di quello che stavi cercando.
  4. elemika Senior Member

    Anche "proiezione occipito-mentoniera" (click)
  5. Knives27 Senior Member

    Italiano - Italia
    Ok, thanks a lot! I think "Occipito-mentoniera" should be fine!

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