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I have seen the sign boards reading 'parking vinci' at a couple of places here in Tours. Also there is a community hall which displays 'vinci' at the entrance (most probably its name) ... I just got curious about 'Vinci' ... is it named after leanard de vinci or does this word mean anything (else) in French.

Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman
  • My pleasure mmluqman!

    I tried to find out... I didn't find any link between the Vinci company and Leonardo da Vinci.

    Some Web pages:
    -> Wikipedia regarding the Vinci Co
    -> Wikipedia regarding the name Vinci - btw, in Tours, there's a lycée Leonard de Vinci... it is not owned by the Vinci co ;)
    -> Web site of the company ; the site wants to execute Apple Quicktime... I hate this! :(
    Vinci is a small town in Tuscany; it's the birthplace of Leonardo. There may be a number of things, including parking companies, Renaissance geniuses and pizza places, that were named after that place.
    Vinci is a French company among the biggest international company of building works and energy services (bought CEGELEC recently).
    The fact that its name appears in many places means those places (parkings for most of them) are operated by the company and that you may pay with specific company cards...usually the parkings are neat and clean and safe.