Parle à ma main


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My children are hooked on the song 'Parle à ma main' by Fatale Bazooka. I wanted to know if PAMM was a well known expression in France or if it's only used in this song.

I can't think of a good translation either, talking to the wall etc doesn't seem to fit.

Thanks :)
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    I agree with SaintGerm, this expression wasn't often used before the song came out. A fortiori, I think a very few people will understand what "PAMM" means


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    But there is a well known expression :"Parle à mon cul, ma tête est malade", a bit vulgar, that means "Stop talking to me, I'm not interested in what you're saying".


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    The usual, and vulgar, expression is Parle à mon cul (ma tête est malade).
    It means I don't care about what you say, you're boring me.

    As far as I know, the variant parle à ma main is not used, except in this song.


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    Think old-school Jerry Springer episodes where eloquent outbursts would be confronted with an outstretched palm, fingers pointed up, head turned away, and "talk to the hand!" repeated over the increasing volume of the aggressor. The song seems to have adapted this phenomenon to attenuate the vulgarity of the more common French version "parle à mon cul"...


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    I had already heard 'parle à mon cul', I prefer that my kids sing PAMM!!!:)
    Hi there,
    My daughter sings that song too, however some of the rest of the words are fairly rude if you take the time to read the lyrics from start to finish. Unfortunately! (...that and the fact I don't want to encourage her to be disrespectful of grown-ups, make me not like this particular song. Wait 'til he has kids of his own that will teach him a bloody lesson in pedology.)


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    I actually used that expression a lot when I was younger (when I didn't want to swear by using "Parle a mon cul, ma tete...") ... However the "PAMM" acronym is new from the song I guess.
    The lyrics of Fatal Bazooka are really soft (and somewhat funny) compared to the lyrics from American R&B.


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    Exxos, how old are you and where are you from (sans indiscrétion) ? It could be interesting to know because I, as well, had personally never heard that expression before the song was released... But I don't think Mickael Youn could be able to create such a phrase on his own... :)


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    My teenage kids started using "parle à ma main" a few years ago, when we still ived in a (very) popular neighborhood in Paris. They sometimes even didn't say it, simply raising their hand towards the face of the person speaking to them... Not very respectful, but not as mean as other expressions of lack of interest...


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    Has no one seen Terminator 3?
    One of Schwartzy's famous lines (while wearing pink star-shaped sunglasses) is "talk to my hand" which was dubbed in French "parle à ma main".


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    And Terminator 3 was released in 2003...
    Any instance of the French equivalent, not as a subtitle to an English film, before 2007?


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    Hi, I speak fluent french. PAMM stands for "Parle à ma main", which means "talk to the hand". French kids don't really say "PAMM", it's just in the song that they use it.