paroled as a refugee

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    Hi, can you help me to translate this: paroled as a refugee, I am translating the instructions to filed the Immigration Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and a category is Paroled as a Refugee and the translation of parole I don't think goes with this.

    Thank you.
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    Bettie, to be paroled means: ser puesto en libertad condicional/condicionada. I think this definition does go with the instructions you have to translate. :)
  3. Luis Albornoz

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    se declara refugiado, perseguido por razones políticas.
  4. pejeman

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    Si yo creo que goza de libertad condicional, sujeta a ciertas restricciones, (bajo palabra) y puede ser refugiado por motivos polìticos, pero tambièn por ser víctima de desastres naturales y otras causas.

  5. perfecta

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    Es un término legal de EEUU que tiene que ver especificamente con los refugiados.
    Aquí está el sitio oficial del gobierno relacionado con eso: ◄ this link is not working

    Un parolee es alguien que cuenta con parole.
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    Muchas gracias por sus respuestas!!!
    Thank you very much!!!
  7. Conniebv

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    I realize the thread is old, but I work in immigration court as an interpreter, and we use "dado permiso condicional para entrar (a los EEUU). Being paroled means they were detained and inspected, and then allowed to come into the US because it was thought that they had a valid claim for asylum or so forth that they could then stay here long enough to have it go through court. The term in English is used as "paroled into the US", so in Spanish, "fueron otorgados un permiso condicional para entrar a los Estados Unidos". My two cents.
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    ditto, Conniebv ;)
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    Thank you, fsabroso and Conniebv, I am just seeing your posts.

    If anybody wants more information, in addition to the USCIS definition posted by fsabroso, take a look at this additional USCIS link, also pasted in at the bottom of this message. Six types of parolee are defined at the site.

    Here is the first paragraph:
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