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part puzzle, part people

Discussion in 'English Only' started by joh2001smile, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. joh2001smile Senior Member

    Beijing, China
    Does the collocation mean business involve both resolving problems and connecting with people? Seemingly, it does, but if so, it doesn't closely related with the following sentence.
    Business is part puzzle, part people. And your reputation will move with you from job to job. You will not know how until after the fact. So be direct, be honest, treat people well.
  2. olliemae

    olliemae Senior Member

    Kyoto, Japan
    New Zealand/America, English
    Yes, you've got the right idea. The next few sentences talk about the "people" part: relationships, reputation, etc.
    It's not very well written, but that's the idea.
  3. joh2001smile Senior Member

    Beijing, China
    Thank you, I got it.
  4. toshev Senior Member

    Australia, English
    It wishes to express the idea of not neglecting the people part of business, that your technical skills (eg accounting, IT, law etc) are only part of what makes one a valued, effective employee.

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