Partes por millón (ppm)

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  1. Julkio

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    Hi y'all,
    I need to know how to translate "partes por millón" to English. that's a very common thing in chemistry, geology and other sciences to give something like a percentage but of smaller quantities. I want also to know if there is something like the spanish abbreviation "ppm" in English.
    Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Peter P

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    It is the same abbreviation in English, "ppm".

    ppm 1. parts per million. 2. pulse per minute. p.p.m. parts per million. Also, P.P.M., ppm, PPM (Random House Dictionary).

    Peter P.
  3. argv New Member

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    Hello Julkio:

    You are right partes por millón is an spanish expression of concentration smaller than percentage, however I don´t think that has a literrally translation to english. partes por millón is the same that miligrams per liter, micrograms per milliliter depends on the field that you are using this unit.

    I hope this will be useful for you
  4. Julkio

    Julkio Senior Member

    Austin (TX) EEUU
    Spanish from Spain (Madrid)
    Gracias a los dos.
  5. oxazol Senior Member

    Se usa tanto en español como en ingles. Son miligramos por litro. Viene de mg por kg de agua. Es decir 1mg/1000000mg.
    También se usa ppb y ppt en ambos idiomas

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