participé au départ

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    I wanted to check something. When someone writes regarding a race, that a person:

    a participé au départ

    without more information, isn't it unclear whether the person finished the race or not?

    example: Le maire Jean Fortin a participé au départ de la marche avec Marie-Pier

    Le team Landi Triathlon a participé au départ du triathlon de Plouescat qui s'est déroulé dimanche.

    If you are not given any more information, do you conlude they must have also finished the race? Or you simply don't know?

  2. Nikomot

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    Hi Larissa,

    As you say, without further details, nothing indicates that these persons finished the race. I guess the fact that the race was actually completed or not is not important in such contexts...

    Hope this helps!
  3. Philippides

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    I simply don't know. I guess that in most of the case it doesn't matter. They don't really make the race with the others (e.g. the mayor Jean Fortin, who might have stopped after the first bend)
  4. SwissPete

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    No way to tell.

    To me, it's even unclear if maire Jean Fortin raced at all.
    He was there, but maybe he only fired the starting gun and went home.
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  5. tacitus1 Senior Member

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    Larissa, you are right, the example sentence you cite is unclear on this point. There, "a participé au départ" might simply mean that the mayor "was present as the march got under way / for the start of the march".
  6. Larissa2000 Senior Member

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    Very good, thanks so much for the clarifications!

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