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How can I say "Straccio per pulire: Particolare".
I explain.
My website of picture. I took a pic of a cloth to clean the ground,
but it's made with a macro lens at close range so it's tiny.
I have to say something that explain that is only a small part of this, but in photography terminology how can i say this ?

In italian we 'd say "particolare" that is "small part" or "tiny view"...
I hope to be clear
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    Hi everybody, just wondering... What word do art books use? And more precisely, which contraction of it?

    In italiano, quando una fotografia rappresenta solo una piccola parte di un dipinto, la didascalia dice, ad esempio: "H. Bosch, Il Giardino delle delizie (part.)".

    How do you say that in English? "H. Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights (det.)"?

    Thank you


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    The word is definitely detail. I realize that particulare is kind of a long word but detail vs det. is only two characters longer, do you really need the abbreviation? But (det.) makes sense.
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