Partite a scadere/maturare


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Salve a tutti,

Sto traducendo dei termini di linguaggio bancario dall'italiano all'inglese e non ho la minima idea di come potrei tradurre le espressioni "partite a maturare" e "partite a scadere" ....qualcuno ne ha una vaga idea ? :rolleyes: Grazie in anticipo.

PS Premetto che sono definizioni SENZA contesto. Ossia mi sono state date come delle labels che verrano poi applicate in un documento informatico.
  • This is guesswork, but I hope it may be at least slightly useful.

    On this site you will find a couple of instances of partita translated as account. Perhaps, then, "maturing/matured accounts" and "expiring/expired accounts" are the appropriate translations.
    Thank you for your answer. As a matter of fact I'm still trying to understand what "partita a scadere" and "partita a maturare" mean in Italian...any suggestion ? ... :(
    "Maturing/matured accounts" and "expiring/expired accounts" were, in fact, my suggestions.

    PS: Sorry - I see you asked about the Italian meaning. Let's hope there are some Italian financial wizards logged in.
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    Ok here what I've found out: In both cases it's an amount of money due to the Bank. However; "partita a scadere" means that this money is not due yet, although the deadline will expire soon, usually in a few months. On the other hand, "partita maturata" is an amount of money which is due to the Bank and the deadline is expired already.