Parts of car-modelling

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Barbara Victoria

Uruguay Spanish
I need the translate into Portuguese of the following parts of a car-modelling
_Idle adjustment place screw
_Gear shift timing and Shift gears adjustment
_Servo saver
I´m waiting for your help. Thank you very much

  • Vanda

    Moderesa de Beagá
    Português/ Brasil
    Hi Barbara. welcome to the foruns!

    Don't forget to take a look at the rules, please. ;)

    Two of them:

    5= Provide an example sentence to show the context, whenever possible. Additional comments on the application for technical terms are strongly suggested.
    10 = Ask about only one topic in each thread. If you have more than one question, open a thread for each of them.

    Barbara Victoria

    Uruguay Spanish
    Hi Vanda
    I don´t have example sentence. There is a drawing in the manual of a car-modelling with the name of each part. Some of them I could not translate and those I ask here, under the same topic.

    Thanks for your explanation
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