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party apparatchik often refers to a politician who has climbed the party political ladder(or sometimes the civil servise) to the top especialy in the old soviet union. Is there a special word for it?
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    in French, you can use the same word : apparatchik, but in French, this word indicates somebody without a public role. " Un apparatchik de l'UMP " would not be a major political figure. It's even a very negative word within parties : " un apparatchik " has made his career in party's administration/organization and has not been elected at a high level (that's what it says in Russian " apparatus' men ").

    Another useful (but old-fashioned) idiom would be " caciques " to name the everlasting leaders of a party.
    In French PS (Parti Socialiste = Labour), caciques are named " Eléphants ",
    In former RPR (now UMP = Tories), caciques were " Barons ".
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