parures de masques

Another question - this time how to describe "parures de masques"?
Context is regarding the feathers of the local bird used to decorate native masks and headdresses.
Leurs plumes décoraient les couvre-chefs des nobles, ainsi que les masques et parures de masques que l’on a trouvé dans la moitié nord du Territoire

Would appreciate any help!
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    As far as I know, "parure" usually means either 1)a set of jewellery 2)finery (something that decorates the body)

    Obviously, it is not referring to "jewellery" here, unless we are to imagine a feather stuck on to a jewel?

    The sentence seems a bit strange, it seems to be saying, in effect that "the feathers are used to decorate the decorations(parure) of the mask"!

    Perhaps the person who wrote this meant simply that the feathers were used to embellish or decorate the masks?
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