parvenir à / succéder à / réussir à

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    I've just being learning verbs that use the preposition "à" and I've come across these three phrases which all apparently have the same translation but I was wondeirng whether there is any distinction between their usage? Like, can one only be used under certain circumstances?

    Merci en avance. :)
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    Succéder à means 'to follow', not 'to be successful'...
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  3. Oddmania

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    Réussir is definitely the most common one. It can mean to succeed in doing something, to manage to do something, to pull something off, to make it, etc.
    Parvenir has the same meaning, but it's more formal. It can also mean to reach a place, to get to a place.
    As for succéder, it means to succeed but only in the sense of "to take the place of, to follow on" (as in "successor").
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    Thank you!

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