pasándolo / pasándola bien

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  1. Hey yall. My question is if you are writing an email to someone that you havent talked to in awhile, would you use "Espero que estes pasandolo bien" or "Espero que estes pasandola bien." To me pasandolo bien sounds better but I'm not sure. Basically I want to say I hope your having a good time just in general. Thanks for the help much appreciated.
  2. gcalles Senior Member

    The way we use it i Mexico is

    "Espero que la estés pasando bien"
  3. Conchita57

    Conchita57 Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish - Spain/French - Switzerland
    We'd say: "Espero que estés pasándolo bien" or "Espero que te lo estés pasando bien" (more commonly used).
  4. AJGP Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Spanish, Colombia
    I'd say

    Espero que la estés pasando bien
    Espero que estés pasándola bien
  5. Well it looks like I can't go wrong, thanks u guys. I think I like pasandolo bien better though, it sounds more casual like.
  6. gcalles Senior Member

    but pasandolo bien is not correct, in that case is better pasándola
  7. I can't say "Espero que estés pasándolo bien" ?
  8. pcongre

    pcongre Senior Member

    European Spanish, Catalan
    Yes you can. The only difference is they use more pasándola in Latin America(at least Mexico!:)) and we always use pasándolo in Spain.
    PS - OTOH, I don't know if the RAE has some kind of rule on this subject, but if I were you I'd just use la for Latin Americans and lo for Spaniards... at least until someone corrects me, that is!
  9. Conchita57

    Conchita57 Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish - Spain/French - Switzerland
    You certainly can -- this is standard Spanish. It's just that our Mexican friends don't say it like that! :)
  10. Dudu678

    Dudu678 Senior Member

    Español (España)
    In Spain we only use pasándolo. However in American Spanish pasándola is the way to go. You can check that by having a look at the replies you received and the country of each of the repliers.

    I prefer pasándolo as a Spaniard.

    You'll be understood either way, but depending on who you are addressing to, it will sound more natural the first or the second one.
  11. Oh I get it its a regional thing. The person is in Spain right now so I'll stick with pasándolo. Thanks all

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