pasar de abundamente desposeído a escuálida posesión

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    I'm having some difficulties translating the following sentence: "¿Cómo fue que hice para pasar de abundamente desposeído a escuálida posesión?"

    The context is a castaway floating in the middle of the ocean on just a cardboard box, musing on how he used to own a house, car, TV etc. and now, to some extent, the box owns him (en ese sentido, técnicamente la caja me tiene a mí). However, I don't really understand this last sentence, given the situation.

    If anyone can suggest how one might say it in English, I'd greatly appreciate it! The best I can can up with is "How did I go from being abundantly dispossessed to such squalid possession?" but to be honest, that doesn't make much sense to me in English. Am I missing something?

    Thank you in advance!
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    I can only say that it also sounds strange in Spanish. "Abundantemente desposeído" sounds as if he was "richly poor" if that makes any sense.

    I think your translation is as good as the original, at any rate.

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