1. kevinnunes Senior Member

    Could you please tell me the translation of “pase a sustituir”?
    ¿No te parece sorprendente que la secretaria pase a sustituir al director? Yo pensaba que tenía que ser algún profesor. Thank you.
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  2. Amapolas

    Amapolas Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Castellano rioplatense
    You could simply say 'for the secretary to replace the director'.
    More literally, with 'pase', it's more or less like 'for the secretary to go on to replace the director' but it might be a little too wordy with no extra meaning, I guess.
  3. Vadim K Senior Member

    Russian - Russia
  4. Doraemon- Senior Member

    "Spanish - Spain" "Catalan - Valencia"
    Maybe: "The secretary comes to replace the director".
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