Pashto "Poh" ~ "Intelligent"

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    G. Morgenstierne in his etymological work on Pashto cites no obvious etymology for Pashto "poh" ~ "knowing, intelligent". He only points out the possibility of a connection with Avestan "pah-" ~ "see", in an uncertain way. His work, "An Etymological Vocabulary of Pashto", belongs to the beginning decades of the last century, I wonder if any one has suggested further notes on the etymology of Pashto "poh" from then on?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    In the new edition – Morgenstierne/Elfenbein, 2003, p. 61 – poh ‚aware, intelligent‘ and poha ‚intelligence‘ are said to be loanwords from Indo-Aryan, ultimately from Skt. prabōdha- ‘awakening, knowledge’ (Turner no. 8699).
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    I see. I recently noticed a fossilized Kurdish suffix "-por" in sense of "aware, knowing" which suggests a root reconstructed as "po-*" (cf. "-jor" ~ "seeker" < "jo-" ~ Per. "جوی-" < جستن). I could not find any Iranian cognates for it. Actually Avestan "pah-" was out of context since Old Iranian "-ah" never gives "-o" in Kurdish, but Pashto "poh" was crossing my mind due to its rather unknown etymology. Many thanks indeed professor.

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