Pass along my greetings to your sister

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  1. Sunnynook Member

    I want to say this to close friend (girl):

    "Pass along my greetings to your sister, and say happy birthday to her from me."

    The following is my attempt:
    "Passe le bonjour à ta sœur et souhaite-lui un joyeux anniversaire de ma part."

    Is it correct? And are there any better and more friendly/colloquial way of saying this?

    Merci. :)
  2. Pays-Bas Member

    Yes, this is correct. (except for souhaite-lui, it is souhaite lui)

    Other possibility:

    Transmets mes salutations à ta soeur et souhaite....
  3. CacaoSeeds

    CacaoSeeds Senior Member

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    I believe Sunnnynook is correct in hyphenating it. It's an imperative statement, though wrapped in niceties.
  4. Pays-Bas Member

    Yes, you're right, my bad!
  5. Sunnynook Member

    Actually I think it has to be "elle" instead of "lui", because it's a female, right? :)

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