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Hello all,

here is the scenario,
I'm in the habit of sleeping with my pillow I can't sleep well until I'm hugging my pillow so when I roll over ( as after rolling over now I have my back to the pillow) I pass the pillow over to my front to hug it again and go to sleep.

In this context, is it fine to say " I pass the pillow over to my front"?
if not please suggest me alternatives that are more colloquial
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    thank you @velisarius :) I already knew that phrase but I wasn't sure I can use it here I was rather fairly sure about this (I pass the pillow over to my front). anyway does this phrase make any sense here or completely odd?


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    I'm not sure what action you had in mind. I was imagining you reaching your arm behind you, and dragging or pulling the pillow round to hug it to your chest again.

    "Passing" the pillow doesn't give me that kind of mental picture. It's a smooth action and doesn't seem to involve any effort. For example, if something is in front of you, you can smoothly "pass it over" to someone who is facing you.

    Hermione Golightly

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    I think 'bring' or 'move' would be suitable verbs - 'pass' is weird although I understand why you thought of it.
    (If you had two pillows you would have one for your head, as well as the 'huggie'.:))


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    I agree that it’s not idiomatic. The verb pass is usually used in the sense of passing or handing something to another person.

    I would probably describe that scenario as “If I turn over so that my pillow’s behind me, I immediately pull it back in front of me so that I can hug it again”.


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    @velisarius you've understood me very well, I was just hoping to see other possibilities so I would know right from wrong :)
    Now I have the following possibilities:
    1) I reach behind me for the pillow
    2) I drag the pillow round to hug it my chest again
    3) I pull the pillow back in front of me so that I can hug it again
    4) I move the pillow to infront of me
    Thank you once again @velisarius
    Thank you @Hermione Golightly
    Thank you @lingobingo