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Are these two sentences ok?

I am trying to say that I will forward you some information.

- I will pass over the information to you.
- I will pass it over to you.
- I will send it over
- I will pass along the information
- I will pass it along for you.

I think if I use these, they are wrong:

- I will pass you over the information.
- She will pass me along the invitation.

Let me know your thoughts and correction...they are all welcome...

thank you
  • melliott

    I think that the best or most common ways to say this would be:

    I'll pass along the information.
    I'll pass the information along to you.
    I'll send it/the information over to you.
    She'll pass the invitation along to me.
    She'll send the invitation over to me.

    These would be used if you're actually sending the information somewhere else, like by email, mail, phone, etc. I would use "I'll" instead of "I will" because these are slightly more informal sentences, so "I'll" fits better.

    If you're right next to someone, you could say:

    I'll pass it/the information over to you.

    The over makes it sound like it's going over a table, desk, etc.
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