PASS (Plafond Annuel de le Sécurité Sociale)

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    I'm trying to understand the meaning of the term "8 PASS". I don't know what the number in front of PASS means.

    Here's an example of the use:

    Les cotisations acquittées au titre de XXX sont déductibles du revenu imposable dans la limite de 1,875% du bénéfice imposable plafonné à 8 PASS (soit au maximum 5.146,20 euros au titre de l'exercice 2009).

    Does anyone know what the "8" means?
  2. xtrasystole

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    8 times the PASS --> 8 x 34308 euros (as of 2009)
    = 274464 euros
    --> 1.875% of 274464 euros = 5146.20 euros.

    (For 2010, the PASS is 34620 euros).
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    Whaou, not easy. Here's a link (in French, sorry)
    where you can find how the PASS is calculated.
    "8 PASS" probably means that the maximal amount upon which the taxes are based is actually limited to 8 times the amount of the PASS. All incomes beyond that sum are not subjected to sécurité sociale taxation.
    Hope I'm not mistaken !
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    Brilliant! Thanks so much for your help. Oh and sorry about the typo in the thread title. I know that it should have been "la" sécurité sociale. La honte! :)

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